General Information

Should you require a longer appointment (i.e. for a Medical check-up, Medical report, Taxi Licence, Company Medical, Multiple problems, Surgical Procedures etc.) please advise reception staff when making your appointment.
The practice doctors accept phone calls from regular patients in relation to current clinical matters. If the doctor is not immediately available, and the call is not urgent, a message will be taken by the receptionist for the doctor to return your call.
Medi7 is committed to ongoing preventive care. From time to time the clinic may issue you with reminder notices offering you preventative health services and follow-ups appropriate to your care. If you have any queries in relation to these services please discuss this with your doctor.
At Medi7 we strive to provide a high quality service. Should you have a concern regarding any aspect of your care please discuss this with your doctor or the practice supervisor.
We believe that all concerns are best dealt with within the practice. However, in the event the matter cannot be resolved you may elect to contact the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC) on 1300 582 113 or The HCC resolves complaints about health services and the handling of health information in Victoria. Their service is free and impartial.
Your medical record is a confidential document, which is stored in a secure environment both in paper and electronic format. Access is only available to authorised members of staff and doctors.
The practice prides itself upon its ability to secure records and maintain your medical record. Access to your record will be made available in compliance with all Current State & Federal laws. Please enquire at reception for a copy of our privacy policy.
If you require a home-visit after hours please call A.L.M.S on 13 2660
Your doctor will advise when they expect results to arrive at the practice. Please call the clinic in reference to the availability of these results.

Medi7 Privacy Policy

This practice is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and complies with the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic).

All patient information is private and confidential, and is not to be disclosed to family, friends, staff or others without the patient’s approval or as legally directed. Any information given to unauthorized personnel will result in disciplinary action and possible dismissal.


In this Practice

  • Patients medical records and other health information is to be kept where there is staff supervision and kept out of view and access by the public.
  • Computer screens must have automated screen savers engaged to ensure other patients and visitors are unable to view information.
  • Conversations discussing patients are to be avoided in the Reception area.
  • Disposal of patient records is only to be achieved through shredding or use of an accredited secure document disposal company.


  • Medical information in an electronic format is only to be transmitted in an encrypted format using secure messaging software.
  • Medical information is only to be mailed through secure post.
  • Patient diagnostic results and correspondence, whether in electronic or hard copy format, are opened by staff and forwarded to the relevant Doctor.


  • Facsimile, printers and other electronic communication devices are located so they are only accessible to the Doctors and other authorized staff.
  • All faxes containing confidential information are only faxed to numbers after checking the fax number is correct.
    Ensure the word “Confidential” is recorded on the fax coversheet.


  • Patient information is only to be sent via email if it is securely encrypted.

Patient Consultations

  • Close the consulting room door during consultations.
  • Draw screens for patient privacy purposes during examination.
  • Knock and wait for a reply before opening a closed consultation door.
  • Keep all prescription paper, sample medications, equipment, medical records and other personal patient information secure.

Computerised Records

  • Specific systems have been put in place to protect the privacy, security and integrity of patients’ records.
  • All staff are trained in computer security.
  • The Practice Manager & IT Department oversees maintenance of computers and their security.

Additional Information

  • Each Staff member is bound by the signed privacy clause contained in the employment agreement.
  • All information received in the course of a consultation between a Doctor and the patient is considered personal and private health information.
  • Medical information includes past medical & social history, current health issues and future medical care.
  • Doctors, staff and contractors are expected to maintain the privacy of personal information.
  • Medical records are the property of the practice.
  • A patient has the right to access their medical record under the Privacy Act and Health Records Act.
    Only written requests for access to medical records are accepted.