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Welcome to the Medi7 Allergy Clinic

Dr Henry Konopnicki and the practice nurses have been trained to diagnose and assess allergy. Our focus is on environmental allergens (house dust mite and grass/pollens). For other potential allergens we can assess and provide clinical support. On referral to the clinic an extensive consultation will be booked with Dr Henry Konopnicki.
Prior to your consultation you will be required to fill out a questionnaire which is available on the web site as well as Medi7 Chadstone clinic. The form must be completed prior to and brought to the initial consultation. On completion of the consultation you will be referred for appropriate tests that include blood tests and allergy skin test. These will be explained in details to you at the consult. There is also an information sheet on our web site relating to the allergy skin test. If the instructions have not been followed correctly, it may not be possible to carry out the allergy skin test.
We also provide support and helpful information on our Facebook site: sneenzen season
Together we will strive to treat and resolve your allergy issues.

Allergy is a common problem in Australia. Tiredness can be a sign of allergy. The symptoms of allergy vary from asthma, hay fever to eczema. If you believe you are suffering from an allergic condition and would like to be assessed, please discuss with your doctor.

For general allergy and related advice and support please visit us at:

Sneezen season

Sneezen season. 14 likes. Allergies can really impact lifestyle and health. Search here for information to help you manage your allergies as well as current and future therapies.

At Medi7 Chadstone, Dr Konopnicki is an Accredited Provider of Allergy assessment and treatment, providing skin testing, treatments for seasonal/perennial allergies, as well as advice on all other allergies.

Any cancellations need a minimum of 24hrs notice otherwise there is a $40 fee.

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